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VIPs Get an All Access Pass to Influencers

Give your followers VIP treatment and let them behind the scenes. Bring them on the other side of the Velvet Rope to interact with your exclusive content. As an Influencer, you deserve a place to inspire and entertain your VIPs.

Why Velvet Rope?

Easy to use platform that gets your exclusive website set up for free. Start sharing your unique content with your VIPs right away. Give them free or premium access to any area of your site. With recurring monthly subscriptions, your latest creations are always available to your loyal VIPs.

Who Needs Velvet Rope?

Influencers of all kinds use Velvet Rope to engage with their VIPs.

  • YouTubers
  • Instagramers
  • Musicians
  • Fashion Designers
  • Bloggers
  • Artists
  • Communities
  • Podcasters
  • And more!
  • Give Your VIPs Exclusive Access to Your Unique Influence
  • Set up a paywall to give exclusive access to your VIPs.
  • Use our AI recommended smart pricing to maximize the value of your content.
  • Give your VIPs more of what they want.
  • Set Your Membership Level.
  • Give your VIPs the level of access they want to your Influence. Allow free access to your site or put up a paywall for exclusive access to your unique content.
  • Use Our Suggested AI Recommended Smart Pricing.
  • Take the stress out of knowing what to charge for your content. Use our years of industry experience and AI recommended smart pricing to set up your paywall.
  • This information will allow you to maximize your earnings for the type of content and interactions you offer. The suggested pricing structure we recommend is designed to give your VIPs the best value for their investment and you the thanks you deserve for creating.
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How Velvet Rope Works

Setting up your Velvet Rope membership is free and easy to do. Once you have established your pricing structure and set up your website, you can start telling your VIPs where to find you.

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  • Step 1 Drum Up Interest With Your Most Loyal Fans

    Start getting the word out that you plan to set up a Velvet Rope account for your most loyal fans to engage with you on a deeper level. Create a poll to find out what type of exclusive content your VIPs will want.

  • Step 2 Get Free Domain Name Hosting

    Set up your domain for free at VelvetRope.com or use your own domain name. Receive free hosting and have access to templates to build your site quickly.

  • Step 3 Determine a Payment Structure

    Offer your content free or set up a paywall using our suggested AI recommended pricing structure. Using our suggestions will allow you to maximize your earnings as an Influencer over any other platform out there.

  • Step 4 Create a Referral Program

    Create a referral program for your VIPs to share with their friends and VIPs. Use our AI recommendations for your referral program or decide on your own incentives.

  • Step 5 Start Influencing

    Post your latest blogs, videos, podcasts, and other exclusive content.

Stay Engaged With Your VIPs

Use the customer relationship management tools to stay in touch with your VIPs via email. Our CRM will allow you to share when you post new content and make announcements.

Influencer Pricing

Our pricing structure is simple. It’s free to sign up and create your platform. We get paid when you get paid. Each month we collect 8% of your earnings.

Recovery of Failed Payments

When credit cards are denied, we'll re-run the cards to collect payments and send out reminders to your VIPs to update their payment information.

Recurring Billing

We send out monthly billing to your VIPs to collect payment so you don't have to.

Fraud Protection

We'll determine fraudulent charges before it affects you.

Standard Credit Card Processing Rates

We charge 2.9% +.30 per successful payment.

Flexible Payouts

Cut your own paychecks whenever you are ready. Set up your account to send automatic payouts on a monthly basis, or take it as needed.

Sign up for your Velvet Rope account and get started now. Your VIPs will thank you!

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